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What Are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

Red lips tattoo

A tattoo is a design made on the skin by inserting pigment or ink beneath the surface. The professional terminology is dermal pigmentation. Tattoos typically serve as a form of body decoration. After getting tattooed on the Polynesian islands, sailors first added the word ‘tattoo’ to the English language and introduced the procedure to Europe.

Permanent makeup uses tattoos to replace eyeliner or lipstick or improve the shape of or fill in sparse eyebrows or hair. Makeup tattooing can also help disguise skin blemishes, including scars or vitiligo.

Permanent tattoo makeup has been around for many centuries; Egyptian and Nubian mummies have been discovered with facial tattoos, along with the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs. Their designs might have been more dramatic than those of today, but the intention remains the same – to use tattoos to enhance beauty and as a mark of individuality.

In 1902 permanent cosmetics were introduced to the ladies of London by Sutherland MacDonald at his Jermyn Street tattoo parlor. Mr. MacDonald would tattoo ‘a delicate pink complexion’ on the cheeks. George Burchett followed him in the 1930s as a primary developer of the procedure in his South East London tattoo parlour in Waterloo Road.

Permanent cosmetics practitioners need specialised training, as the procedure requires dexterity, aesthetic and technical skills.

Benefits of Permanent Micro Pigmentation Makeup

There are many reasons thousands of people every week across the UK book a permanent makeup procedure.

Here we list a few of the benefits of permanent makeup.

Increases Confidence

Knowing your makeup is always perfectly in place and not having to worry about smudged eyeliner or lipstick on your teeth can be a huge confidence booster.

Defines Lips

As a natural part of the aging process, the upper lip becomes thin and flat and may disappear altogether when an older person smiles. Lip tattoos will define the edges of the lips and add fullness and colour. There is also the time-saving factor; having your lips tattooed means no more applying lipstick, checking it is in place, or having to go to the bathroom when out to redo it. You can also wave goodbye to worrying about leaving lipstick stains where they are not wanted.

Volumising Lip Tattoo

Correct Asymmetrical Features

A face with features that don’t mirror one another on both sides is known as asymmetry. Almost everyone has some facial asymmetry. Research has found that the more symmetrical a person’s features are, the more appealing and attractive they appear to others. Permanent makeup can help correct asymmetrical features and give a face a more balanced and even appearance.

Accentuate Your Eyes

Permanent eyeliner helps people improve the appearance of their eyes. It does away with the need to outline the eyelids with eyeliner pencils or messy liquid liners or pencils and disguises missing, sparse, or light lashes. With permanent eyeliner, you can swim, shower, and exercise without worrying about smudges.

Eyeliner adds a frame to the eyes and helps make eyelashes look darker and thicker. It can improve the shape and symmetry of the eyes and generate the illusion of wider eyes, or depending on how your beautician applies it, affect the appearance of space between the eyes. Furthermore, eyeliner can intensify eye colour and generally make eyes more attractive.

Eyeliner tattoos save you time every morning, and you can feel confident knowing your eyeliner won’t run or smudge.

Eye doctors frequently recommend permanent eyeliner to their clients who wear contacts, have watery eyes, or are allergic to conventional eye makeup.

Top and bottom eyeliner tattoo

Frame Your Face

With today’s trend for thick eyebrows, eyebrow tattooing is one of the most requested procedures in our London salon. This treatment involves the use of pigmentation to fill in the brows for a full and neat look.

Clearly defined brows will frame your face, and as most of us do not have completely symmetrical brows, this procedure can improve your entire facial appearance by giving it a more balanced look.

Natural look eyebrow tattoos

Additional Advantages

As well as giving a more even balanced look to the face, permanent makeup frees you from the hassle of applying makeup daily or several times a day.

It is also a practical solution for those who may not apply their makeup or have difficulty for a physical reason.

Even if brow, eyeliner, or lip tattoos do not appeal to you, you can use permanent makeup to help disguise scars or facial blemishes.

It provides a solution for those who have skin sensitivity or are allergic to regular makeup.

You can participate without worrying about smudges and streaks with permanent makeup if you are keen on sports.

Permanent makeup offers safety and freedom to people with oily skin, poor eyesight, or unsteady hands.

There is no age limit for successful permanent makeup. The benefits are universal for all ages and genders. It’s a solution for anyone who wastes time applying and reapplying makeup or has a physical insecurity they want to fix.

Unlike some cosmetic procedures, permanent makeup will not drastically change your features or make you look different; it just improves what you already have to make you look the best version of yourself.

The durability of permanent makeup is substantial. On average, permanent makeup will last for between three to five years, depending on the treatment and lifestyle factors. That’s an average of four years of freedom from your daily makeup routine and a potential saving of hundreds of hours!