Lip Tattooing - Fuller Lips For a Glamorous Appearance

More and more women are opting for permanent makeup treatments such as brow tattoos and lip tattooing, also known as semi permanent lip blush or lip tint, to save time in the mornings and to improve the symmetry of their lips. Lip tattooing can’t actually make your lips bigger but it can give the illusion of fuller lips and it is becoming a popular alternative to lip fillers, which generally last a fraction of the time tattooing does.

For Refinement

Lip tattooing is great for refining the lips; especially as we get older our lip line starts to ‘break up’ which can look quite ageing. A line is tattooed around the lips along the vermilion border first, and then colour is added to the lips. Some clients still prefer to have semi permanent lip liner but if you want a more natural enhanced look, it’s best to add colour on the inside or keep the line fairly thin and in a more neutral colour.

Different Colours

If you’re having a colour that’s close to your natural lip colour you don’t have to have colour completely over the lips, you can have what I call a volumising lip blush: a blush of colour going towards the centre of the lips. But If you are opting for a strong colour then my advice would be to have full lip colour.

Unfortunately lip tattooing isn't for everyone, if you’re dark skinned and have dark or variegated (darker on the outside, lighter in the middle) lips, semi permanent lip tattooing probably isn't for you. We cannot lighten darker lips, so if you wanted a pink or bright red, it’s just not going to happen, you will just be wasting your money. Also with variegated lips, you may get some colour into the light area but you will still have differences in colour. Also with tattooing darker lips, there’s the danger of the lips becoming more pigmented.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lip tattooing?

A tattoo machine is used to introduce pigment into the skin, therefore changing the colour of the lips; it can also be performed on eyebrow and eyeliner.

Does lip tattooing hurt?

It can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but with the use of a topical anaesthetic in many cases it’s minimal or pain free.

How is lip tattooing done?

Most lip tattooing is done using a tattoo machine with fine needles; I use a top of the range digital machine.

How much is lip tattooing?

Prices vary depending on whether you just want an outline, a blush or full colour, please click here to see our full price list.

How long does lip tattooing take?

It depends on the area to be covered and how big the lips are, the amount of time needed is assessed at the initial consultation. On average it’s a 3 hour session but that includes time to numb. You will also need at least two, sometimes 3 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart.

How long does lip tattooing last?

Lip tattoos will fade just like any other tattoos, it is recommended to have a top up treatment between 12 to 18 months.

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