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Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow Tattooing In London

Micro-pigmentation eyebrow tattoos are the most popular of all the permanent makeup procedures available at my London-based clinic. Why? Because the right-shaped eyebrows can be an incredible beauty asset. Perfectly shaped brows can balance the rest of the face, highlighting your best features and downplaying any flaws. If you have sparse brows, you probably spend time applying eyebrow makeup every morning and later in the day. Cosmetic tattooing, also known as semi-permanent makeup, will eliminate the need for a long morning makeup ritual.

Besides the choice of technique when performing semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, such as hair stroke or powdered, the eyebrow shape and your face shape are essential. For example, having a round brow on a round face will make a face appear even rounder; an angled brow is optimal. An angled brow with a high arch on a long face will make a face appear longer, so a flatter shape is much more desirable.

Scar Camouflage Eyebrow Tattoo
Scar in right eyebrow camouflaged with Hairstrokes

What To Expect With Brow Permanent Makeup?

Attention also needs to be paid to lighter skin colours, as 80% of clients have a blue undertone, so care needs to be taken to ensure the colour used isn’t too cool. Otherwise, the tattoo can end up with a blueish tinge. Colours are tested on the skin above the brow to ascertain which is the best colour for the skin and the preferred colour choice of the client; again, no tattooing is done until the client is 100% happy with the choice of colour.  All of our pigments are top-quality, stable, and true-to-colour pigments.  We only use the best!!  Using cheap pigments may save money initially but ultimately will cost more with the correction work needed down the line.

Brow tattoos before and after
Top up on faded eyebrows and reshape.

Once the client is happy to proceed, a topical numbing cream keeps the client comfortable. The client will be kept informed during the procedure and, near the end, will be shown the eyebrows for any adjustments to be made if needed for a perfect end result.

Once the client is delighted with their new eyebrows, they will be given an aftercare sheet and a top-up appointment for 4 to 6 weeks after the eyebrows have healed. The second appointment is to go over any areas that may have faded slightly during the healing process; this also strengthens the colour and helps it last longer before needing future top-up appointments. With the quality pigments I use and good aftercare, it could be years rather than months before a top-up is needed.

Who Should Have Brow Tattoos?

Brow tattoos are long-lasting and, therefore, a big decision to make. Any type of permanent makeup, including tattooed eyebrows, microblading, permanent eyeliner, or semi-permanent lip liner are procedures much in demand in the beauty industry. PMU is perfect for those who struggle to find time to put on makeup in the morning, or who don’t have skills in makeup application, or who have a disability that makes it hard to administer.

Brow tattoos are also a solution to replace brows lost due to alopecia or a medical procedure that causes hair loss.

Frequently asked questions

Pigment is placed using either a tattoo machine and needle or microblading (which is a hand tool), both are used to get pigment into the skin, usually using the hairstroke technique.
Feathering is another term used for hairstrokes , mainly used for clients that have a fair amount of their own brows, hairstrokes are strategically placed to fill gaps.
Yes they can, laser is the most popular treatment for removal, it can also be done using a removal solution (salt) which is ‘tattooed’ on to the original tattoo and uses osmosis to lift the tattoo pigment out of the skin.
Eyebrow tattoos naturally fade over time and get lighter; however, if you feel your tattoos are too dark, they can be lightened with a retinol product or other skin bleaching products.
Yes they can look very natural particularly with the hairstroke/feathering technique.
It is not recommended to have tattooing if you suffer from Keloid scaring.
Yes once the initial healing stage is complete.
Yes, over time they will fade, it’s recommended to have a ‘top up’ at approximately 12 to 18 months after the original treatment to keep the colour vibrant.
They can fade completely in certain clients due to skin type, sun exposure, beauty regime and age of the tattoo, but mostly they stay visible in the skin but faded.
As with any tattoo as soon as the healing stage of the tattoo is complete they will gradually start to fade, mainly due to UV light, which is why its advised to use a factor 50 sunscreen whenever you are out in daylight.
They should be considered as permanent as the pigment will always be in the skin but it does fade and in some cases may be invisible however it is still in the skin.
It can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but with the use of a topical anaesthetic in many cases it’s minimal or pain free.
It is advised not to have tattooing done whilst pregnant or breast feeding.
Prices vary depending on the style of tattoo, please click here to see our full price list.
It is 4 weeks before you see final outcome of the tattoo.
It varies on the individual but top ups are recommended every 12 to 18 months.
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