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Janette Vince is a semi-permanent makeup specialist based in Wimpole Street, Central London, with many years of experience in the cosmetic tattooing industry.
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Janette Vince, owner and practitioner of Designer Permanent Makeup, is a fully Certified Semi-Permanent Cosmetics Professional who qualified in 2012 to an advanced level and has trained in both the UK and the USA.
She adheres to the strict rules of this certification, which includes the highest level of hygiene standards, together with ongoing courses in the latest technology and techniques in the industry.
Leading services offered include eyeliner tattoos, permanent lipliner, semi-permanent eyebrows, micropigmentation treatments to promote even skin tone, and medical tattooing.
Eyeliner tattoo
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
Well-defined eyes have a positive impact on the entire face, and with semi-permanent eyeliner, you will enjoy a fresh, open-eyed look from the moment you wake up. What’s more, it will never smudge.
Lip tattoos
Lip Tattooing
Lip blush tattooing is becoming increasingly popular in this busy world we live in. We all know how long it can take us to draw an outside lip line, then add colour. Lip tattoos restore fullness to thinning lips..
Eyebrow Tattooing
Eyebrow Tattoos
With thick eyebrows very much in vogue, eyebrow tattooing is one of the most in-demand forms of permanent makeup at our London clinic. Get perfectly shaped, symmetrical eyebrows in a few hours.
Plasma Pen fibroblast treatment
Plasma Pen
This is the latest treatment everyone is talking about and the best anti-ageing solution for fine lines, sagging skin, and age spots available. It really works! The plasma pen is more effective than any other skincare therapy.

Most Popular Procedures

Eyebrow Tattooing
Here are some of our most popular semi-permanent makeup and plasma pen treatments:
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Full face makeup
Your safety is important to me. I guarantee at my London salon you will feel comfortable knowing you’ve made the right choice of cosmetic treatment practitioner. My experience includes:
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