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Eyebrow tattoos, permanent lip colours and eyeliner in Central London

Janette Vince owner and practitioner of Designer Permanent Makeup is a fully Certified Semi Permanent Cosmetics Professional who has several years experience in the industry. She adheres to the strict rules of this certification which includes the highest level of hygiene standards, together with ongoing courses in the latest technology and techniques in the industry.
SPCP Registered
Semi-Permanent Eyeliner
Well defined eyes have a positive impact on the entire face, and with semi permanent eyeliner you will achieve this look without effort from the moment you wake up.

  • Gym, shower & tear proof
  • Super time saver
  • Varied choice of shades
  • Boost a flawless look at all times
  • Only the finest medical grade pigments used
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Lip Tattooing
Lip tattoos are becoming increasingly popular in this busy world we live in. We all know how long it can take us to draw the outside lip line then colouring it in.

  • Saves valuable time in the morning
  • Does not wear off half way through the day
  • Improvements can be done to shape of lips
  • Can still wear other lipstick over the tattoo if you fancy a change
  • Re-defines ageing lips
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Eyebrow Tattoos
With thick eyebrows very much in vogue at the moment, eyebrow tattooing is currently one of our most in-demand forms of permanent make up at our London clinic.

  • Gives your face a perfect frame
  • No more penciling brows in
  • Natural look created with individual hair tattoos
  • Correct asymmetrical brows
  • Thicker brows for a younger look
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Plasma Pen
This is the latest treatment everyone is talking about and probably the best anti aging treatment to date. It really works! More advantages than any other treatment out there.

  • Only treatment available for tightening eyelids
  • Much less invasive than surgery
  • Thickens the skin rather than thinning it, as in peels and laser
  • Uses your own immune system rather than injecting fillers and Botox
  • Longer lasting than most other anti aging treatments
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent makeup?

It’s an application of pigment into the skin via either a digital machine using a needle or with a small blade as used in microblading, both are a form of tattooing but on the face rather than the body.

Will permanent makeup fade?

Yes it does usually fade, depending on several factors such as; exposure to sun or sun beds, products used on the face such as retinol, skin type and immune system, as such its recommended you have top up every 12 to 18 months on average.

Will permanent makeup fade completely?

It can completely fade, however, although you may not see the pigment, it will stay permanently in the skin where it was tattooed. This only happens in a small minority.

Will retinol fade permanent makeup?

Yes it can fade the pigment, so it’s best to avoid putting on or too close to the tattoo.

How long will permanent makeup last?

Top ups are recommend every 12 to 18 months; however, those with oily skin may need a top up a bit sooner. If you don’t have top ups, then in most cases the pigment will continue to fad over time.

Can permanent makeup be removed?

It depends on the area tattooed; it’s difficult to remove eyeliner because of the closeness to the eyes, although there are a few specialists that have been successful in treating this area with laser removal. The other removal methods of using a bonding agent or salt would be too harsh for the skin in this area.

Eyebrows can be treated with all methods of removal quite successfully.

Lip tattooing is more difficult to remove because of the titanium dioxide present in most lip colours, if a laser is used it will turn it dark gray, therefore non laser methods would be a better option.

Can permanent makeup cover a tattoo?

Yes it can be used to cover a tattoo but this treatments needs to be done by a specialist.

Can permanent makeup cover scars?

Yes it can, results depend in the type of scaring, (keloid scars cannot be treated) and the client needs to have realistic expectations.

Can permanent makeup cover stretch marks?

Permanent make up can assist in giving a more even skin tone but cannot fully cover stretch marks.

Can permanent makeup cover dark circles?

Under eye camouflages for dark areas is possible but unfortunately its not available in the UK at present.

Can permanent makeup cover melasma?

It’s not advised to try and cover up with permanent makeup, specialist camouflage makeup would be the better option or removal.

Can I get permanent makeup while pregnant?

Permanent makeup carries the same risks as traditional tattoos and pose the same risks of infection. Pregnant women should steer clear of the tattooing process during pregnancy in order to eliminate the risk of HIV or Hepatitis B infection. Other risks are also involved, such as skin changes and hyperpigmentation during pregnancy.

Who can do permanent makeup?

You should only ever go to a fully trained permanent makeup artist and preferably one that belongs to an industry association.

Can I get permanent makeup while breastfeeding?

It’s advised not to have permanent makeup whilst breast feeding because of the unpredictable behaviour of the pigments caused by hormones, which are very active during breastfeeding. There is a high probability that the pigment will not take or it will fade very quickly. However, everything is very individual, and no one can say for sure what consequences (or lack of them) there may be.

How permanent makeup is done?

Permanent makeup is tattooing but instead of using ink, coloured pigments are used. The pigment is introduced into the skin using either a tattooing machine with a fine needle or cut into the skin using a microblade.

What does permanent makeup cost?

Prices vary depending on the area to be tattooed, please click here to see our full price list.

What is Softap permanent makeup?

Soft tap is a hand tool method used to introduce the pigment to the skin. Brows done using this method are more solid in colour as in a powder brow rather than hairstrokes.

What is 3d permanent makeup?

3D or 3 dimensional permanent make up is a reference to the makeup looking natural as in hair stroke eyebrows, which can look quite realistic.

What is PMU permanent makeup?

PMU is an acronym for permanent make up.

What is the best permanent makeup pigment?

I use KB Pro pigments and find them very true to colour and long lasting.

How much does permanent makeup hurt?

It can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but with the use of a topical anaesthetic in many cases it’s minimal or pain free.