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Sparse Brows No More: Eyebrow Tattoos to the Rescue!

Brow tattoos

Picture this: You wake up, stroll to the mirror, and instead of looking like a leftover from a zombie apocalypse movie, you’re greeted by perfectly groomed eyebrows. Does that sound too good to be true? Enter eyebrow tattoos. Let’s look at the magical world of eyebrow tattoos.

Eyebrow Tattoos to Improve Scant Brows

Eyebrow tattoos, not to be mistaken for the blue ink used by older ladies in the ’70s, are the modern solution for those tired of filling in sparse gaps every morning. Imagine all the time saved! Not to mention money on expensive makeup products.

Why Go for Eyebrow Tattoos?

They save time: Let’s be honest, drawing perfect brows every day is a hassle and time-consuming.

They are a permanent Solution: Well, not entirely permanent, but you can kiss goodbye to daily touch-ups a year or two.

They Look Natural:  Modern techniques provide a realistic appearance.

They Boost Confidence: You can step out sans makeup and still feel fab!

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

Microblading: The microblading method uses tiny needles to create hair-like strokes.

Feathering: Feathering is a manual, semi-permanent procedure. This technique produces hyper-realistic brows using a handheld tool to form realistic and natural hair strokes. The strokes are always drawn toward the natural hair growth to achieve a hyper-realistic look.

Powder Brows: Powder brows give a soft powder look, much like eyebrow powder.

Ombre Brows: Ombre brows use a mix of solid and gradient effects, creating depth to the brows.

Process & Aftercare

Rest assured, you won’t be left to your own devices to wield a tattoo machine and attempt to shape your eyebrows. A skilled professional, who we will describe as your eyebrow fairy godmother, will perform the delicate task. However, it’s important to remember that just like Cinderella had to tend to her glass slippers after midnight, you must also take care of your newly shaped eyebrows to ensure they remain healthy and beautiful.

Swelling & Redness: This is completely normal, and just like with any other tattoo, it will soon fade. It takes one to two weeks for the eyebrows to heal and up to three weeks for the pigment to set.

Avoid Water: For at least ten days after getting brow tattoos, avoid wetting them as much as possible, and especially avoid standing directly under the shower.

Moisturise: You can moisturise the brow area with recommended tattoo creams, but probably something other than your usual favourite brand. Ask your technician for advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful to get your brows tattooed?

The process is more of a discomfort than painful, but hey, it is a small price to pay for perfection, right?

How long do they last?

Typically, 1-3 years before you might need a touch-up.

Can I choose my eyebrow shape?

Absolutely! Though we’d advise against going for the surprised look permanently!

Is it expensive?

Prices vary but consider it an investment in saving time and brow pencils. Expect to pay between £400 and £500 depending on the type of tattoo.

Can I still wear eyebrow makeup over them?

You can, but with your new killer brows, why would you?

What if fashion changes and thin brows come back in?

Fashion is cyclical. If the thin, rounded ’90s brows ever make a comeback, you can always have them removed. Like all body ink, a beauty salon can remove brow tattoos with lasers.

Are You Ready?

So, are you ready to take the plunge and transform those sparse brows into your face’s crowning glory? With eyebrow tattoos, you’ll be turning heads and raising (perfectly tattooed) eyebrows in no time. And remember, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul – and what’s a good window without some fabulous curtains? Go on, treat yourself and contact us!

Cheers to being a step closer to becoming a low-maintenance diva!