Permanent Makeup Testimonials

“Had my eyebrows tattooed recently with janette and she made me feel very comfortable about the procedure and they looked amazing x”

Google Maps User

“I went to see Janette to get my eyeliner done, she did a great job and made me feel very comfortable as it was my first time having permanent make up done. I love it! would definitely recommend.”

KayleighTrew, wahanda

“Janette’s been doing my eyelash extensions for a few years now, and I had my eyebrows tattooed by her as well. I can honestly say that Janette is very professional and caring, and the results are impressive. I would recommend Janette for semi-permanent makeup as I go back frequently myself.”

Kanangnut, wahanda

“I had my eyebrows tattooed by Janette about four months ago and was really pleased with the result so decided to have my eyeliner done as well. I didn’t want it to look too obvious, so Janette explained about the lash enhancement where the tattoo is done in the lashes, it looks great, just a fine line of soft brown (I’m blond so black would be too stark). I love it!!”

Carol Loveridge, wahanda

“Had my eyeliner done about 6 weeks ago and I’m really pleased with it. I had the top and bottom done and I can’t tell you how great it is not having to do my eyeliner in the morning. I’d had it done few years ago but it had faded with a blue tinge, the colour now looks great, a nice dark brown. Janette explained that she uses vegetable colours that aren’t supposed to fade like the mineral ones. Only time will tell but I think I’ll get my lips done next!”

Tanith22, wahanda

“Janette applied semi-permanent brow make-up 3 months ago and I am thrilled with the results. I was initially nervous about having anything ‘permanent’ done to my face, but Janette was nothing but reassuring. She explained the whole process including what to expect and the aftercare in detail. I am so pleased with the results and feel the shape perfectly frames my face – no small feat as there were not much to work with due to my over zealous brow plucking over the years. My only regret is that I had done it years ago…”

Jessica36, wahanda

“My eyebrows were pretty much non existant due to over plucking as a teenager. I decided that semi permanent eyebrows was the way to go after years of drawing them on. I went to see Janette for a consultation before making the decision to go ahead. She totally put me at ease and I felt completely comfortable that she would give the correct shape and shade to fit my face and make me look natural and not fake. When it came to the day of the treatment, she took a good amount of time designing (with pencil) a shape that I was happy with which I thought was great as I felt confident that it would suit me. The procedure itself was absolutely fine. There were some areas that were a little more sensitive than others but in all I wasn’t in any discomfort. Now I have the eyebrows I have been missing for all these years! I absolutely love them! Wish I’d found Janette sooner! The aftercare instructions she gave me were great, I healed really well and much quicker than I thought. I went on holiday shortly after having them done, and I was finally able to go swimming without leaving my eyebrows in the pool! Thanks Janette!”

Jane G, yelp

“I had very sparse eyebrows as I started shaving them off and penciling them on. They looked OK but smudged when I got hot and didn’t stay on verylong. The other morning I was very late and had no time to do my makeup. That’s when I decided I needed something more permanent. I love Kate Middleton’s eyebrows and wanted to get the same shape. I had been a bit apprehensive about getting them tattooed on in case it hurt or didn’t go right. I had my eyelashes done by Janette in Wimpole Street and they were brilliant so I got up the courage and made an appointment. I needn’t have worried, I can honestly say it did not hurt one bit and my eyebrows are just as I wanted them, they are beautiful. I am now saving up to get my eyeliner and lips done, I can’t wait!”

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“I had my lips done with Janette about a year ago now and I’m really please how long the colour has lasted, I chose to have just a light tint which has come out a soft pink colour, as I don’t like wearing too much make up all I do in the morning is put some lip gloss on and it looks great…..”