Janette uses two types of pigments in her clinic:

Iron Oxide Pigments

K B pro pigments are top of the range Iron oxide pigments; Karen Betts of Nouveau Beauty Group launched these pigments in 2015 and they are proving to be a delight to work with. They are easy to implant and stay true to their colour once healed. These pigments are more of a semi permanent nature with top ups recommended every 12 to 18 months. However, please note any type of tattooing procedure should be considered as permanent, once the pigment is implanted it is there permanently, even though it may not be visible.

Vegetable Based Pigments

Premier Original Formulas and Premier Concentrated Original Formulas are known for their longevity, stability and trueness of colour.

These pigments have been developed over years of research making them the leading formulas for permanent cosmetic pigments today. These pigments set the standard for quality permanent cosmetics for the industry. Over the years, Premier Original Colours and now Premier Concentrated Originals have been proven to be safe, long lasting and fade resistant.

Premier Pigments’ mission is about longevity and safety of permanent cosmetics. These are longer lasting pigments and are considered more permanent than iron oxide pigments but top ups are still recommended, usually every 2 to 4 years.

To book an appointment please text or call Janette on 07714 796044.