Semi Permanent Makeup

In order to provide the best quality semi permanent makeup treatments, Janette has sourced the best products and equipment from around the world.

The Benefits of Permanent Makeup Tattoos

Having a Semi permanent makeup treatment can really transform your life. Just think, waking up in the morning with eyeliner already in place, fabulous looking eyebrows and even a soft blush to your lips. Great for when you haven’t got much time before work to do your makeup, even better when you want to look particularly good in the mornings!

Step into our relaxed private clinic in Wimpole Street, in the heart of London’s medical district, the clinic and its staff offer a highly professional and confidential service. Strict standards of hygiene and cleanliness are adhered to. The clinic is centrally located, very easy to find, and within easy walking distance of several tube stations. The closest tube stations are Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regents Street.

In order to provide the best quality of semi permanent make up treatment Janette has sourced the best products and equipment from around the world. The pigments used for the semi permanent make up procedures are of the finest quality and tested with a longstanding, established safety and performance record and are designed to last longer than any other pigments available.

Janette has also sourced the best quality anaesthetics using a topical and secondary anaesthetic for a pain free treatment. All needles used are single use and disposable.

Treatments on offer include the most popular procedure of eyebrow tattooing with a choice of three techniques. These are hair stroke, which give the most natural effect, a powdered diffused look which is ideal if you have eyebrows but just want some depth with a softer background colour, or highly defined eyebrows using stronger colours and a more defined shaping.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

The second most popular permanent make up treatment is semi permanent eyeliner. This can be in the form of a subtle lash line that’s enhances the base of your lashes, or can be done as a straight line or with the use of pointillism which is the placement of tiny dots of pigment in between the lashes. Then there is the fuller thicker semi permanent eyeliner often used to define the shape of the eye to make them look larger and more ‘almond shaped’ by extending the eyeliner outwards, although Asian women on the other hand often want their eyes to look more rounded and have the link thicker at the centre, which can also be achieved.

Also on offer is designer liner, this is two colours together, such as blue and black or green and brown, which really make the eyes pop! Mucosal liner is a type of permanent eyeliner that is becoming very popular and can really enhance the natural colour of someone’s eyes.

Lip colour enhancement is also becoming extremely fashionable – but no longer just the lip liner, which is a very 80’s look. Volumising lip blush, which is a lip line with a flush of lip colour creating definition without a visible line. Lastly is the full lip colour which is a subtle contoured line with colour flush across full lips which can be just a hint colour which looks great with clear lip gloss or you can have the full works with a fabulous range of vibrant lip colours.

All in all, beautiful, pain free, longer lasting, semi permanent make up.

To book an appointment please text or call Janette on 07714 796044.